SEAS May 13 2011  Alter View.JPGSaint Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church

A Parish of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee


Praising God through

His Church


His People




the Liturgy



Parish Council

With the guidance of the Pastor, the Council makes decisions and allocates the resources of the parish. The Council meets on the first Monday of each month. Current Council members are:


President: Johnny Graham

Vice President: Nicole Lepp

Secretary: Marylene Glowczewski

Member-at-Large: Peggy Mackin

Treasurer: Marleen Meeks


Catholic Sharing Appeal: Edgar Burroughs

Cemetery: Jo Ann Daniels

Knights of Columbus: Dan Sullivan

Ladies Guild: Amelia Morse

Liturgy: Kay Roberts

Maintenance: Robert LaBlanc

Religious Education: Eileen Schamber

As a service to the parish, the Parish Council compiled a Parish Business Directory. In addition to being available on the Web, print copies are available on request. The most recent month's agenda and archival minutes are posted on the parish bulletin board and are available here.

Finance Committee

Besides paying the bills, the finance committee's most important duties are establishing, reviewing and report on the parish budget. The finance committee keeps the Parish Council apprised of the parish's financial status.


Visitation of the Sick

Visiting the sick, sending cards and making sure that communion is taken to invalids are the mail goals of the Visitation Volunteers. Anyone willing to participate in this important service should email the parish office.


Catholic Sharing Appeal

The annual Catholic Sharing Appeal (CSA) is just one way parishioners can personally express their appreciation for God's gifts to them. CSA is the only parish sponsored financial campaign during the year. Funds help countless people in Northwest Florida: the elderly, youth by providing programs to help them grow in their faith (for example, Young Adult Religious Disciples [TeamSEAS]) and future priests by providing funds for Seminarian education.

CSA also supports valuable ministries within the parish such as: the entire budget of our own Resources for the Needy Fund, continuing religious education for everyone from children through adults, maintenance of the church, hall, religious education building, rectory and grounds. Additionally, CSA becomes the parish savings account after its assessment to the diocese is paid. The parish relies on parishioners' generosity to meet expenses and to provide funds for future growth.