Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church

A Parish of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee

Praising God through

His Church


His People




the Liturgy






The Liturgy Committee oversees the spiritual core of parish workshop and prepares the church of each liturgical season. This group helps decorate the altar for mass on Sundays and coordinates the purchase and placement of flowers for special services such as Easter and Christmas. See page 21 of the December 2011 issue of The Catholic Compass for an article about All Souls' Day mass.


Eucharistic Ministers

After receiving training, parishioners serve at mass, distributing the Body and Blood. Eucharistic ministers also take Communion to the sick at Eden Springs or at their homes.



Parishioners are called upon to read at mass. For those who enjoy reading aloud and have a strong voice, this is a way to serve God at mass.


Altar Servers

The youth of the parish can volunteer to serve as altar servers for mass and other celebrations. It is a great way for boys and girls to get involved in service and participate in the liturgy.



Dr. Gene Charbonneau coordinates the ushers who greet people and help congregants find seats. Besides making sure that there are enough seats for the rapidly growing congregation, the ushers help with wheelchairs and the needs of the handicapped. They take the collection and keep the congregation comfortable by adjusting the heat or air conditioning.